For decades and counting, recruiters have been impersonal, quick-talking middlemen for clients without the resources to find the people they’re looking for. This paints the picture of greedy ‘flesh-peddlers’, sitting back at their desks, feet up, counting the cash as they smooth-talk their way onto a client’s or candidate’s “good side,” only to turn a profit.

MAC Executive Recruiters works differently. We don’t tote licenses around job posting boards like grimey used-car salesmen puffing cigars and chomping sugar-free gum trying to sell our clients unemployed, underqualified candidates. We have real people, and real opportunities.

Humble Beginnings:

We began in our CEO’s house. We built up to 17 desks jammed into a living room, bedrooms, and a home theater. It wasn’t only a humble beginning, but it was the training-ground for our team, where our experienced owners laid the foundation of teamwork, network, and the excellent hospitality that we provide to every one of our clients and candidates.

Face to Face:

Earlier this year, we launched a new approach that left the middleman feel behind. Our CEO, President, and VPs all began offering Skype calls, interview prep, and even free dress shirts to men and women that we want to see succeed. This wasn’t for our benefit, but for the benefit of the people that we love. We love our clients and candidates because we are a company about giving, not just about getting.

Butts in Seats:

At MAC, we make it happen. And we make it happen fast. We’ve filled positions within a week! We work around the clock, with many of our partners logging hours and making calls outside the office to fit our clients’ and candidates’ schedules. We recognize that this world is big, and we bust ours to make it feel small. Our office is a room of constant chatter, working together to make yours the same: full, hard-working, and happy.


If you call, you hear our voices. If you send a message, we get a hold of you. We are working in real time to be a constant contact and resource to any and everyone because at MAC, we want to be a partner, not just a transaction pretending to be a friend.

Join our family and you’ll see why we believe it is great to work with you and for you.

Visit our Company Page HERE.

Feel free to connect with us about business inquiries.


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